From an apartment to a tourist complex..
In the fourth decade of our dynamic course we demonstrate, every day, in practice, decisively and confidently the claim of Holistic Energy Management in the field of construction.

Company Profile

Klimamichaniki has been active, since 1984, in the HVAC industry in Greece providing state-of-the-art integrated solutions to the property owner, investor, engineering consultant, contractor and trader.  From the specification of the adequate equipment to the provision of specialised consulting & project management services to qualified mechanical engineers and HVAC installers, Klimamichaniki is a one-stop provider in the areas of:
A/C & cooling systems, Heating, Solar thermal Industrial & commercial refrigeration, Geothermal PV systems

We installed over..

Daikin Altherma Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Gas boilers
VRV central air conditioning systems
Sky Air Semi-Central Systems
Standard applications of PV and geothermal systems
Air purifiers

Our vision

Our vision is reflected in the fundamental triptych of quality, service, trust.

Klimamichaniki is the No1 Daikin Master Dealer in Greece and Country Distributor of Bosch and Calpak. The company’s structure is a heavily technical one, since we are proud to operate the largest Mechanical Engineering Support Department in Greece comprising 15 Mechanical Engineers. Klimamichaniki has been involved with great success in some of the most renowned HVAC projects in Greece since our reference record includes the largest tourist attractions, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, department stores, bank chains, museums, supermarkets and office headquarters of both multinational & local companies.

Klimamichaniki has also managed significant projects on behalf of Greek investors and construction companies in Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, North Macedonia, Romania and Albania.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In Klimamichaniki, we pursue the fundamental objective of value creation not only in economic terms but also in social and environmental ones. We have been committed to helping instigate change for the better with regard to the society in which we operate. We aspire to help improve people’s lives, above all through high quality products, innovative know-how and services that meet our clients’ needs for efficiency, ergonomy, green climate, contentment and aesthetics. We also feel part of the community in which we operate, and seek to aid it by supporting various projects. The foundations of corporate success are primarily based on the life quality and prosperity of our people.

Investing on People Value

Klimamichaniki has been implementing successful HRM practices to bolster human relations and personal satisfaction & self- attainment. The company is sincerely sensitive to equal opportunity policies and adopting constant work precaution & safety measures. Team-building events are an essential part of our company’s overall health. Taking care to entertain, educate, and strengthen relationships within our company has a lot of benefits. From elevated performance to facilitating personal growth, corporate team-building games and events are a powerful tactic for leveling up our human asset. Some of our continuous initiatives included in the HRM best corporate practices are:

Coaching & personal skills evolution events

Leadership & team building labs

Technical skills comprehensive seminars

Family Day events

Children Smile Days

Christmas events

Every company is indebted to contribute to the empowerment of social welfare within the society it is operating.


Social Contribution Initiatives

Blood Donation Days

Gifts to Children in Need

Donations to charity & non-profit organizations

Athletes, Amateur Sports clubs sponsorships

“Green” Practices


Klimamichaniki has been embracing environmental friendly practices since its foundation. Some of the initiatives are:

R-32 New Generation Refrigerant Staff & Installer Seminars

Continuous Recycling of Raw Materials, Components, Consumables Packaging and Peripherals

Chemical Waste Reduction Practices

Klimamichaniki and its people are fully aware, educated and committed to implementing the above mentioned CSR policies.